Judy's Breadsticks (Multiple Options)
Judy's Breadsticks (Multiple Options)
Judy's Breadsticks (Multiple Options)

Judy's Breadsticks (Multiple Options)

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Divine dipping sicks. 100% whole grains. No trans fats. Vegan.

"This isn't bread, it's therapy!" is what they say.

Warning: Made on shared equipment with sesame seeds.

Made in San Rafael, CA

6 oz

Shipped By: Spraia

Delivery Time: Ships next business day + 1-4 days in transit

Locations Supported: Contiguous U.S.

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In 1993, Lynda Najarian discovered a loaf of extraordinary bread on a joy trip to Mendocino and went looking for the baker. Her instincts went into overdrive as she imagined the possibilites of creating a product from that loaf. “I was looking for a food that was rustic and had a lot of country in it. This loaf fit that perfectly and naming it ‘Judy’s Breadsticks’ just felt American to me,” she laughs. “To express how I feel about the product, I dubbed them Lovesticks.”

"Our products are a natural reflection of love and warmth. Their very texture and feel is sensual. What I like most is to channel positive thoughts and feelings," says Judy, grinning and adding... "Don’t tell anybody, but I would have been thrilled with just that. The rest is gravy."