Flavored Peanuts (Multiple Options)
King Floyd's

Flavored Peanuts (Multiple Options)

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King Floyd's Salty Virginia Peanuts have satisfied hungry travelers since 1929. We discovered these tasty flavored peanuts hiding in a small railroad dining car along an open stretch of highway in southeastern Virginia — in the heart of Virginia peanut country. Over time, we've developed other flavors for you to enjoy. We guarantee that once you have had our salty peanuts, you'll never be satisfied with another brand.

Made in Novato, CA

10 oz

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King Floyd’s bitters, syrups and salts are handcrafted in small batches. They start the process by sourcing the finest ingredients available. Then they grind the herbs and spices by hand. Next they percolate and macerate the freshly ground herbs and spices for up to two months to ensure a robust flavor, letting time work its magic. They stir and taste the mixture every day while it extracts all the essential flavors into the spirit. When the mix has matured to the desired depth of flavor, and its aromas are strong and vibrant, they filter the bitters, and add just the right amount of maple syrup to slightly sweeten the blends before bottling. They're simply obsessed with creating the finest hand-crafted bitters in the world.