Koroneiki Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Amphora Nueva

Koroneiki Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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This oil originates from Southern Greece, where Koroneiki olive trees have grown steadily for more than 3,000 years. It delivers a medium-robust intensity flavor. It's fruity and reminiscent of green tea with a lingering peppery finish, a sign of its antioxidants.

Blended in San Anselmo, CA

12 fl oz

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Family owned and operated, Amphora Nueva has been in the olive oil industry for over 95 years. They partner closely with small farmers around the world to deliver fresh products all year long, and use independent labs to ensure the highest quality.

They're proud to produce many of their own olive oils from their organic family farm. Their belief is that extra virgin olive oil is like fruit juice — highly perishable, healthier, and more flavorful when consumed fresh. This is one of the reasons they post the harvest date on every oil they offer.