ER nurse finds his retreat in candlemaking

Doug Coomer is a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department. After seeing patients for 12 hours straight, he began hand pouring candles as a form of relaxation.

It’s a passion that was planted during his childhood by his mother: “We used to pour candles together. I didn’t realize how this practice would influence me throughout my life.” He began making candles for family and friends, experimenting and refining his craft over time.

That hobby has turned into North Bay Candleworks, a business that has outgrown Doug’s apartment and just recently moved into a factory space in San Rafael. “This is my creative space — a sanctuary and a place of healing energy where we make candles that inspire and lift us up,” says Doug.

He and his team hand-pour each candle, one batch at a time, using only soy and coconut-based wax and 100% cotton led-free wicks.

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