Connecting with the dynamic landscape that surrounds us

Situated at the base of Mount Barnaby, in West Marin, Farm Alley is a five-acre property with a 50-year-old walnut orchard, a stunning light-filled art studio, and a seasonal flower farm. From the natural elements of the land to hand-built gardens and structures, Farm Alley offers a variety of spaces that they’ve naturally curated and designed to inspire creativity.

It serves as a homebase for Julie Benjamin, an artist and early childhood educator. “What we love most about this place is that it is forever evolving. We’re constantly creating new spaces, growing botanicals in the garden, and designing workshops based on the seasons and the natural changes taking place around us,” says Julie.

Julie and her team offer a variety of children’s camps each year, along with various workshops and private events. Whether you’re sitting under the shade of a walnut tree, binding handmade paper to make a book in the art studio, or eating a snack in the glass house, their hope is that you feel like a part of the land when you’re there.

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